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Resurgence: Seqan

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SAC Alert Resurgence: Seqan

Post by Seqan Mon 6 Apr 2015 - 22:58


Captain Kirkland breathed in the extra-terrestrial atmosphere. No matter how many times he visited the Inner Core, it always surprised him how the technology of the Daam-K'Vosh could allow anyone to exist in their empire. He quickly scanned the landing platform he had just landed on looking for the customs official. As it happened, the Alien official had already seen him and was rapidly approaching. "Greetings, human of the Silver Arrows," the alien said, noticing the insignia on Kirkland's uniform. "What business does such an esteemed guest of the Daam-K'Vosh have on Jesh?"

Kirkland winced inwardly at hearing both the flawless English and the strange tongue of the alien simultaneously. He again found himself marvelling at what the Daam-K'Vosh had created. What would their empire be like now if the inter-galactic war had never started? He quickly brought himself back to reality. "I am looking for someone on behalf of the Silver Arrows. Perhaps you could help me? He's a created race. A Nerainian?"

An odd expression that Kirkland could not decipher crossed the alien's face. "I understand that the Silver Arrows are highly respected by the Daam-K'Vosh but you would do well not to pursue this individual. He's made his feelings towards the Silver Arrows common knowledge and made several death threats."

Kirkland smiled broadly. "Oh. So you've met him, then?"

The alien nodded. "If you won't be dissuaded, I can direct you to where he picks up his jobs. He seems to revel in destroying Daam-S'Tekk fleets. Don't tell anyone I did this for you, Arrow. My job could potentially be at stake if I was found to be giving out personal information of esteemed Freelancers such as the Deconstructor."

Kirkland chose to ignore the name his old friend seemed to have adopted and accepted the alien's info with the promise of discretion.

An hour later, the Silver Arrow found himself the only human in a Daam-K'Vosh bar. There were several other races he didn't recognize there too. Some were humanoid like himself with distinct differences, others were nothing like he'd ever seen. No matter how many times he set foot on Daam-K'Vosh soil, he always saw something new. He walked up to the bartender. "Excuse me, sir. But do you know where I can find a Nerainian Mercenary?" The bartender did not even turn around but motioned to a door on the other end of the room. A sign with lettering on it Kirkland could not recognize was posted. He quickly walked to and entered the room.

It was frustratingly dark. Nothing was visible. Even so, Kirkland knew he was not alone.

"Because you and I were once friends, I shall permit you the opportunity to forget you saw me and leave with your life," a cold voice said.

"There's no need to be like that, Connor. I'm here with an offer.

A light came on in the room. Kirkland was greeted by a humanoid holding a very menacing looking weapon. "You've got exactly one minute to either convince me not to shoot you or to remove yourself as a target. Time's ticking, Fud. I don't really want to kill you, but at this point, I don't care."

"It's been too long, Connor. You've changed..." Captain Kirkland started. A menacing stare and a motion to get on with it was the only response Fud got. "Anyway. I thought you'd like to know. Forlon's gone." Connor lowered his weapon, but did not speak. Unsettled, Fud decided to continue on his mission. "Hanzo Hasashi is in charge now. You remember. Scorpion? He's trying to get all our old staff and folks back on board. I've been sent to-"

Connor raised his gun back to firing height. "Why should I care, Fud? The Silver Arrows betrayed everything they stood for. Everything changed. Shots were exchanged. And through it all, you stuck blindly with Forlon on the grounds that you were loyal to the Silver Arrows. They aren't what they were meant to be anymore, and you're out of time. You forced me to destroy many of your ships, and now you stand before me asking me to return? Orion, Zeroth, Rasann, Faaby, they all left and have not been heard from! Even Arrow-"

Fud interrupted. "Arrow's returned! So has Rasann. Scorpion is trying to fix things back to how they used to be. Look, I'm not asking you to come back on my account. I was sent here by Admiral Hasashi to try and get you to return. I'm just doing my job. He's offering you the opportunity to come back and fight the good fight once again. All grudges and past transgressions forgotten. He's even asked you to rejoin the high command and help him rebuild. Get the war going again!" Fud ran out of things to say and just stared down the barrel of his old friend's firearm.

Connor was silent for a time. To Fud, it felt like hours. The distant sounds of Planet Jesh's populace quietly crept into the room as the two old friends stared each other down.

Finally, Connor holstered his weapon and pulled out a small pad. He pressed a couple buttons and called up a holographic interface that displayed the Sirius sector. "I take it none of you could ever disengage the lockout I applied to my ships?" Fud opened his mouth to answer, but Connor cut him off. "Of course not. I applied a cascading fractal-based scrambling code. Not even Loyal could've decrypted it in this short time." Connor tapped a sector of space, summoning forth a beautiful and colorful, but odd geometric shape. He tapped a few more points on the shape and it resolved to a blank white sphere. He repeated this several times. "There. All my ships have been unlocked and I've hired a Freelancer to return the weapons I stole to Freeport 1. I'll see you back in Sirius."

Connor got up and walked quickly out of the room without saying another word. Fud just stood there, trying to get his breathing normal again. "Welcome back, Seqan," he said quietly to himself. His mission complete, he composed himself, turned, and left to return to Sirius.

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