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Human's outpost in Inner Core

Thu 13 Jul 2017 - 18:29 by |TSH|Martind Forlon

Author: Ajay
Source: here
Status: Base build in progress (07/2017)

Jormdar System


Repair Buoys
Jormdar System has three Repair Buoys, located in sectors 6E, 5D and 4E. They are conveniently close to the gates.

Jump Gates
Jormdar System has three Jump Gates that connect it to Venn System (6/7F), Sadurn System (5C) and Methper System (4E).

Sadurn system has three planets orbiting a G8 type Medium White star.

Planet Chrodd
An earth-like planet. Supports plant-level life, however, the environment is toxic and thus Planet Chrodd can't be habitated by humans. (Speculation: not toxic for Dom'Kavash and/or Dom'Nepesh subspecies?). Has two moons, Oldtur and Beess

Oldtur - surface has wreckages of mining facilities (Note: they appear to be too intact. Seems like Dom'Nepesh didn't use the more powerful of their weapons. Speculation: either they didn't see Oldtur as a high value target or wanted to capture the facilities as intact as possible for their own use?).

Beess - desert-like surface, but has a 300m high tower-like building. (Note: also appears to be too intact. Speculation on origin: built by Dom'Nepesh? Speculation on purpose: Military training center or research facility?)

Planet Chrodd

Planet Resdel
Ice-covered planet with frequent blizzards. Completely uninhabitable. has two moons, Ineull and Uttshy.

Ineull - appears to be habitable and covered by ruins of cities. Local radiation spikes and pattern of ruins indicate usage of nuclear weapons.

Uttshy - smaller moon, no sign of Dom'Kavash, Dom'Nepesh or Savage colonization at all. The results of biological scans show an anomaly that has never been met yet. (Attached file: CNS_I939_Stranger_Biologic_Scans_03033017_123435.opj; number of downloads: 21; location: Сервер архивов военной академии им. Дзержинского, сист. Н-Пекин)

Planet Resdel

Planet Vyntur
Another ice planet. The ice is mostly carbon dioxide so the planet is ignored by Dom'Kavash as well as Dom'Nepesh and Savages. However, it is close to heavily patrolled Strys Field. Planet is located outside the ecliptics plane.

Jormdar system has no stations of Dom'Kavash origin, as they most probably have been destroyed when Dom'Nepesh captured the system. Dom'Nepesh possess stations located in sectors 6C, 5D/E, 4E and 4D. Savages also have built stations in sectors 6D, 6/7C. 5C.

Savages station

Asteroid fields, mine fields and nebulae
Jormdar has three asteroid fields composed of carbon dioxide asteroids - Strys, Cresl and Bew. Neither of these yields any resources. However, they are heavily patrolled by fighters and gunboats. Also there are four very dense minefields, Sonkin, Bry, Peyk and Tiscknys (tiny patch in 5/6 D/E).

Syrr Field is a debris field of unknown origin, none of these debris appear to be of Dom'Kavash, Dom'Nepesh or Savage origin.

Several nebulae surround Jormdar system: Cytt, Lisdel, Kaqlye, Lesl, Schener and Quoz. These are areas of high expected danger.

Lisdel Field

Attachment: System Map.
System map

Suggestions of places for construction site

The only places safe enough to become construction sites are near Repair Buoys in 6E, 5D and 4E.
The Repair Buoy in 5D is located far from usual routes. Moreover, this location is close to the most problematic area in the Inner Core, Sadurn System, and a base in there could support operations in that area. In order to improve safety of this operation, Savage station in 5C and Dom'Nepesh station in 5D/E should be rendered incapable of detection and/or signal interception.

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The look back

Sat 7 Jan 2017 - 7:30 by |TSH|Martind Forlon

The look back

For Commissioner Forlon it was on the first look an usual morning on Freeport 11, but that day there was something to feel quite differently. Passed more months from time when he arrived here in his old Butcher on Orillion's call, and it was also place where was started work on new police organization called The Steel Hearts. Construction of the new organization went well, including build of the new police starbase, but in Forlon's dark corners of the mind still remained question what happened with The Silver_Arrows after he so unexpectedly and in a hurry left. Orillion last words were about newly planned big operation in the Inner Core, but he refused give any details nor tell what really is planned for the Arrows. "Time to acquire some answers" thought Forlon when he left the base and headed to the jump hole leading into Daedalus system.

Butcher smoothly passed all the way leading to Omicron Theta and shortly after on scanners appeared earlier often visited Freeport 9 where were repaired small damages from short but intense fight with Nomads in Omicron Alpha nebulae.

When ship jumped from Omega-5 into Omega-3, strong emotions and old memories arrived. Forlon stopped Butcher's engines and was for a longer time only looking ahead into asteroid field with Douglas station in the glare of the system central Sun.

After was emotions put under control, Forlon set course to system most important station guarding hidden jump gate leading to the Milky Way galaxy inner core. But something was going really wrong, space was too quiet and there was not any patrolling ship appearing on scanners. "What the hell is going on here?!? This simply not make any sense!!!" thought Forlon when was coming closer to the GMG base, base where were facilities for SAOC (Silver_Arrows Operations Center). Whole gate traffic was previously organized by SAOC and three Ion Guns had direct controls there .. not any known ship was able to come closer as 15km from the base without being approved in advance. Luckily old identification was still working, but ship's systems indicated that security control was working in automatic mode.

Docking permission was granted, but whole station looked as abandoned by humans and on board were found only advanced robots. Station facilities with SAOC were sealed and access there was refused. Trying to break inside by force was evaluated as really bad idea, here will be not available any answers ...

Small butcher soon undocked from the base and headed to the planet Sprague. A planet where were located SA Headquarters and where were planned many operations against hostile aliens.

Small ship entered planet atmosphere and continued in low altitude flight through tight crevasse in the central mountains ...

Was not needed too much flight time for reaching small airport well hidden in central mountains. Forlon jumped out of ship cockpit and in a hurry moved to the Headquarters rear entrance. He used his personal code at the doors control panel, but nothing happened. This was not a big surprise, erasing entry codes for leaving members was standard procedure. Little more surprising was, that not even universal backup admirals code worked. The worst on all this was silence around ... locked doors, but were not present any guards or at least small signs of local security activity.

Everything was more and more mystery, after quick flight through system was found SA local sign near gate leading to Omega-7, but also on the sign table were found deep scratches and it looked like abandoned and obsolete.

Finally, visit to Rugen base bar gave some first answers. One from guests there remembered Forlon and answered some of his questions. Was happened that after a month after his forced leave there was huge Arrows activity. Douglas station was at that time closed for visitors and whole area around GMG base and Planet Sprague was secured. Not even the small most skilled smugglers were able pass through Omega-3 system unnoticed. Informant with a sad smile added that it was the time when he had lost his small freighter and only barely saved life in ejected escape module. After some time everything suddenly silenced. What happened he did not know, he only heard a rumors that mentioned Arrows activity was linked with some newly found artifacts in the Omicron Gamma system. But that was all ... he was not able confirm anything.

Back in Omega-5 en route to Omicron Gamma.

Right after the jump into designated system comes a first surprise ... big new sign with letters "RA". "What it is and what it means?" It looked like ahead of Forlon were only more and more questions without answers.

It seems that many things have changed in Omicron Gama. Before it was only a poor nest for Corsairs, but it seems that someone bring here alot money. Traces of new infrastructure build were present through whole this system. But not only this, police ship long range scanners signalised presence of big trading ships, theirs signatures had strong marks of smugglers. Was about time to visit the planet ...

Main city on Planet Crete also has changed. New modern buildings were present in most of the city center. Forlon did only a quick visit into local taverns and offices, but there were not even the slightest traces abut the Arrows ...

Time for last check, green nebula ahead of police ship had some uncommon parameters. But suddenly sounded alarm from ship long range scanner_ ... ship on inbound course. "Known pirate signature detected! ..."

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Resurgence: Zeroth (work in progress)

Wed 15 Apr 2015 - 0:01 by Zeroth

This placeholder will convince me every time that I see it to work on my recall story until i'm happy enough with it to post.

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Resurgence: Seqan

Mon 6 Apr 2015 - 22:58 by Seqan


Captain Kirkland breathed in the extra-terrestrial atmosphere. No matter how many times he visited the Inner Core, it always surprised him how the technology of the Daam-K'Vosh could allow anyone to exist in their empire. He quickly scanned the landing platform he had just landed on looking for the customs official. As it happened, the Alien official had already seen him and was rapidly approaching. "Greetings, human of the Silver Arrows," the alien said, noticing the insignia on Kirkland's uniform. "What business does such an esteemed guest of the Daam-K'Vosh have on Jesh?"

Kirkland winced inwardly at hearing both the flawless English and the strange tongue of the alien simultaneously. He again found himself marvelling at what the Daam-K'Vosh had created. What would their empire be like now if the inter-galactic war had never started? He quickly brought himself back to reality. "I am looking for someone on behalf of the Silver Arrows. Perhaps you could help me? He's a created race. A Nerainian?"

An odd expression that Kirkland could not decipher crossed the alien's face. "I understand that the Silver Arrows are highly respected by the Daam-K'Vosh but you would do well not to pursue this individual. He's made his feelings towards the Silver Arrows common knowledge and made several death threats."

Kirkland smiled broadly. "Oh. So you've met him, then?"

The alien nodded. "If you won't be dissuaded, I can direct you to where he picks up his jobs. He seems to revel in destroying Daam-S'Tekk fleets. Don't tell anyone I did this for you, Arrow. My job could potentially be at stake if I was found to be giving out personal information of esteemed Freelancers such as the Deconstructor."

Kirkland chose to ignore the name his old friend seemed to have adopted and accepted the alien's info with the promise of discretion.

An hour later, the Silver Arrow found himself the only human in a Daam-K'Vosh bar. There were several other races he didn't recognize there too. Some were humanoid like himself with distinct differences, others were nothing like he'd ever seen. No matter how many times he set foot on Daam-K'Vosh soil, he always saw something new. He walked up to the bartender. "Excuse me, sir. But do you know where I can find a Nerainian Mercenary?" The bartender did not even turn around but motioned to a door on the other end of the room. A sign with lettering on it Kirkland could not recognize was posted. He quickly walked to and entered the room.

It was frustratingly dark. Nothing was visible. Even so, Kirkland knew he was not alone.

"Because you and I were once friends, I shall permit you the opportunity to forget you saw me and leave with your life," a cold voice said.

"There's no need to be like that, Connor. I'm here with an offer.

A light came on in the room. Kirkland was greeted by a humanoid holding a very menacing looking weapon. "You've got exactly one minute to either convince me not to shoot you or to remove yourself as a target. Time's ticking, Fud. I don't really want to kill you, but at this point, I don't care."

"It's been too long, Connor. You've changed..." Captain Kirkland started. A menacing stare and a motion to get on with it was the only response Fud got. "Anyway. I thought you'd like to know. Forlon's gone." Connor lowered his weapon, but did not speak. Unsettled, Fud decided to continue on his mission. "Hanzo Hasashi is in charge now. You remember. Scorpion? He's trying to get all our old staff and folks back on board. I've been sent to-"

Connor raised his gun back to firing height. "Why should I care, Fud? The Silver Arrows betrayed everything they stood for. Everything changed. Shots were exchanged. And through it all, you stuck blindly with Forlon on the grounds that you were loyal to the Silver Arrows. They aren't what they were meant to be anymore, and you're out of time. You forced me to destroy many of your ships, and now you stand before me asking me to return? Orion, Zeroth, Rasann, Faaby, they all left and have not been heard from! Even Arrow-"

Fud interrupted. "Arrow's returned! So has Rasann. Scorpion is trying to fix things back to how they used to be. Look, I'm not asking you to come back on my account. I was sent here by Admiral Hasashi to try and get you to return. I'm just doing my job. He's offering you the opportunity to come back and fight the good fight once again. All grudges and past transgressions forgotten. He's even asked you to rejoin the high command and help him rebuild. Get the war going again!" Fud ran out of things to say and just stared down the barrel of his old friend's firearm.

Connor was silent for a time. To Fud, it felt like hours. The distant sounds of Planet Jesh's populace quietly crept into the room as the two old friends stared each other down.

Finally, Connor holstered his weapon and pulled out a small pad. He pressed a couple buttons and called up a holographic interface that displayed the Sirius sector. "I take it none of you could ever disengage the lockout I applied to my ships?" Fud opened his mouth to answer, but Connor cut him off. "Of course not. I applied a cascading fractal-based scrambling code. Not even Loyal could've decrypted it in this short time." Connor tapped a sector of space, summoning forth a beautiful and colorful, but odd geometric shape. He tapped a few more points on the shape and it resolved to a blank white sphere. He repeated this several times. "There. All my ships have been unlocked and I've hired a Freelancer to return the weapons I stole to Freeport 1. I'll see you back in Sirius."

Connor got up and walked quickly out of the room without saying another word. Fud just stood there, trying to get his breathing normal again. "Welcome back, Seqan," he said quietly to himself. His mission complete, he composed himself, turned, and left to return to Sirius.

Silver Arrows News Channel

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Crossfire 2.0 Beta released

Tue 2 Dec 2014 - 5:43 by Anonymous

Crossfire 2.0 Beta released

A few weeks ago was silently released a public Beta version of the Crossfire 2.0 Mod. Crossfire 2.0 contains 43 exciting main story missions which extend the original game and will lead the player to an epic showdown. New battles, cutscenes and discoveries await you. Are you ready for it? Can you unlock the 44th mission (bonus mission)?

In 2014 was needed to dealt with lots of critics regarding the overdue Mod release. In fact the development of the Mod took much longer than expected in first place. There were many reasons for the delay, such as technical problems (as we were really working at the limits of what's possible with the game engine), the sheer size of the Mod, community feedback and wishes which convinced us to add even more content than originally intended. The amount of time and work we have invested to build the new version has been massive.

Campaign mission

The singleplayer part of the Mod is working flawlessly, but server software (which has been completely rewritten for CF 2.0) still require a step by step testing and debugging period. Was decided to go through that procedure with the core Crossfire Online Community. It was the best possible test environment to locate and fix the most urgent problems aswell as getting qualified feedback from long term Crossfire players. Every day the Mod and server software are getting better and more reliable.

Moon and Earth in the Sol system

You will very soon notice how much work went into this massive Mod which truly can be called the "Freelancer sequel". But please keep in mind that this is just a Beta version of the Mod and that we are still working on the Multiplayer part of it. Many server features are currently not even active, but we will change that bit by bit in the next few weeks.

During Beta testing the Mod will not provide a Download for Crossfire 2.0 at ModDb.
You will only be able to download it from SWAT Portal (here) since it is from time to time updated. When all tests are done we will of course release a final version of the Mod also on ModDb.

If you need help or if you want to report a problem then use our Bug Tracker. We will take care of the issue as soon as possible. We will not give any support at ModDb (we don't have the time to do that on multiple websites -> so please use the official Bug Tracker). You can leave your feedback on the official Crossfire Forums or post your suggestions here.

Have fun and enjoy time spent with Crossfire 2.0 mod!

--Silver Arrows News Channel

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Crossfire 2.0 on-line Tests

Fri 15 Aug 2014 - 2:54 by Anonymous

Crossfire 2.0 on-line Tests

As some of you noticed already, in server list can be seen Crossfire 2.0 (and in this case is not available 1.9.) Reason for this are on-line final 2.0 tests which will be ongoing for a few weeks. Test lasts few hours/day and after this will be server again used for CF 1.9. During testing is access to server restricted only for CF dev-team members.

SWAT_OP-R8R wrote: "We are at the point that all major topics for the CF2.0 development are completed and this week ive spent my time preparing the release of the mod. The mod however was tested mainly in singleplay so far. We did some online test months ago and the mod ran stable but Id like to do some final online tests before the mod can be released. I also would like to use this time preparing all the settings and testing the new server software.

So in the next few days the CF server will be used for such tests and might not be available to you. When we are doing tests it will appear as CF2.0 test and when the tests are done CF1.9 will be available to you again. The test certainly will last a few hours per day ... you can use the rest to play."
... more.

SWAT_OP-R8R wrote: "The storyline and with it the 10th and final chapter of the CF story is done. I got very positive feedback from the testers about the new missions, the re-build old missions and how we have let the story end. Vanilla FL has 13 missions where some of them were edited by us to unlock a few hidden story elements. Crossfire 1.9 did contain 20 new missions which in most cases have been improved for CF 2.0 . And Crossfire 2.0 comes with 10 new story missions plus a bonus/side mission. So there are 44 great missions to play now.

The side mission(s) are something special in CF. With the CF2.0 release we deliver the first of these missions as example of how such story missions might look like and how they work. We encourage modders and storywriters to create their own missions and develop own small story strings that fit into CF. Such new side missions can then distributed by us to the users. Like already mentioned, one of these side missions already exists and people are free to continue to develop the story we have started with that mission or start a short story from a different point. These side story unlock at specific times during the regular CF storyline and usually require to be found by exploring the mod.

Overall the current CF story is quiet complex with many twists and turns. In CF2.0 we improved the voice overs massively and also included many custom voice elements between the different characters. We also decided to introduce new story characters that are important for the storyline. And with 42 small cut scenes that in some cases are used as cut scene sequences we certainly also have covered the cinematic part of the story telling."
... more.

--Silver Arrows News Channel

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Intro for Crossfire 2.0 was published

Fri 4 Jul 2014 - 15:16 by Anonymous

Intro for Crossfire 2.0

Crossfire 2.0 Intro - Mod DB

While work on Crossfire 2.0 have got almost to the end was prepared this small intro filled mostly with flyby scenes, to show you something from newly created in-game content. It is only very tiny sample, but still it may show (at least little) what you can expect that you can see soon on your PCs. For more informations please follow link to MODDB.

Silver Arrows News Channel

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Crossfire 2.0 Development

Wed 28 Aug 2013 - 10:19 by Anonymous

Crossfire 2.0 Development (updated)
Crossfire logo

In January 2012 were released first videos, screenshots and informations from Crossfire 2.0 development. From that time was needed dealt with various problems but recently did mod development great steps forward. Now can be right time to look back on some from released stuff ... and to be more impatient while waiting for this final Crossfire mod version release biggrin. Here are some of announced features:

  • Updated storyline for SP - final 10th chapter and alternative endings!
  • More lively and diverse Universe with many new beautiful places to explore.
  • New and more difficult missions available at base bars.
  • New reputation system.
  • Clan management - clan leaders ability to rename player chars names!
  • Clans owned stations (modular)!
  • Conquer system for clans.
  • Ships design updates.
  • New graphic effects and possibility to use some advanced graphics features (like FXAA, SMAA).
  • New launcher (already partly introduced after mod moved to new server)
  • and more...

Silver Arrows - Portal Concep10 Silver Arrows - Portal Concep11Silver Arrows - Portal Concep12Silver Arrows - Portal Concep13

Silver Arrows - Portal Enviro10 Silver Arrows - Portal Enviro11Silver Arrows - Portal Enviro12Silver Arrows - Portal Enviro13

Silver Arrows - Portal Enviro14 Silver Arrows - Portal Enviro15Silver Arrows - Portal Enviro16Silver Arrows - Portal Enviro17

Silver Arrows - Portal Detail10 Silver Arrows - Portal Detail10Silver Arrows - Portal Detail11Silver Arrows - Portal Detail11

Clan bases:
Silver Arrows - Portal Base_010 Silver Arrows - Portal Base_011Silver Arrows - Portal Base_012

New Planets look:
Silver Arrows - Portal Planet10 Silver Arrows - Portal Planet11Silver Arrows - Portal Planet12Silver Arrows - Portal Planet13

New effects:

Silver Arrows - Portal Ship_010 Silver Arrows - Portal Ship_011Silver Arrows - Portal Ship_012Silver Arrows - Portal Ship_013

Silver Arrows - Portal Effect10 Silver Arrows - Portal Main_m10Silver Arrows - Portal Font_c10

2013/12/02 - UPDATED INFO:

  • Official info about new features and CF 2.0 status are now on server page: LINK.
  • Another informations can be found now MODDB: LINK.

--Silver Arrows News Channel

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