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Re-Application: Revan Oner

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Re-Application: Revan Oner Empty Re-Application: Revan Oner

Post by Revanchist Mon 6 Jul 2015 - 16:24


You may refer to my original application from 2011 here:

Needless to say, I became inactive in early 2012 due to moving. The past 3.5 years have been well to me, of course relentless opposition from the adversary known simply as life. I'm engaged, live with my fiancée, bought a car, have a dog, I'm now an uncle (both brother and sister had kids), and much more has happened, to you all as well I'm sure.

With the anticipation of Star Citizen, there's going to be a surge of players jumping back to FL. The game just has the replay value, enough said. I'm back on the official Swat Portal as well, troubleshooting an update issue with CF:2.0, but I should be on multi-player within a week. Until then, I updated my original application and credentials:


Revan Oner

~Requested Callsign~


~Place/Date of Birth~

-unknown- (10/06/90)

~Flight Experience/Previous expertise~

Freelancer Explorer

~How long have you played Freelancer / Crossfire~

I've played Freelancer since 2001, and Crossfire since 1.3, many many breaks

~Why do you want to join the SA~

I originally joined SA because of the initial encounter I had when I played CF:1.9 multiplayer. I wish I remember the name, but I was so pleased with the encounter, gestures of goodwill, I applied the same day. I was accepted and put in trial, however, I was discharged due to an unexcused leave of absence, hopefully not dishonorably.

~What's your timezone~

Eastern Time (US/Canada), UTC-05:00

~Your Skype ID~


~Last but not least, are there any things you want to tell us before we review your application?~

Previously disclosed above.

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